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Gender Pay Gap Report


Having been founded in 2020, this is the first year the RedCat Pub Company has had the opportunity to submit a Gender Pay Gap Report.

Since its inception, RedCat Pub Company has been committed to a strong Inclusion and Diversity strategy, that embraces equality in pay and female representation at all levels within the business.

Through pioneering initiatives developed to celebrate equality throughout the company, RedCat has been built on foundations that are represented in the Gender Pay Gap Figures that we submit.

As our second year of submitting this report, we still only have limited data to compare to, however, we will analyse the data we do have to provide the narrative.


Having been founded coming out of COVID, and a subsequent economic environment troubled by the war in Ukraine and a cost of living crisis, RedCat Pub Company has developed a reputation of resiliency since it's inception.

We have been finding our feet in so many areas of the business, and to achieve the successes we have had so far has been in no small part down to the talented individuals within RedCat.

In the first 2 years of the RedCat life, growth has bee dominated by site acquisition. Growing the estate to over 50 sites, primarily from individual or smaller group M&A activity. This does create the situation where a significant impact has been inherited and contractual terms TUPE'd into the business.

We are strongly committed to addressing any positions that do not meet our high standards, including review pay rates where required. We are, however, realistic in our expectations that resolving these situations does take time, and forms an instrumental part of our agenda to ensure the continued success of RedCat in an environment that celebrates Inclusivity and Equality.

Finally, I confirm that the gender pay and bonus gap calculations and the data provided for RedCat Pub Company are accurate.

Lee Melton

Head of People

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